Madcap Dan Devonshire (dangerdean) wrote in runcouver,
Madcap Dan Devonshire

First entry


I'm Dean, and I'll introduce myself just to start this thing off. Although I've started running many times in the past this is the first time it stuck. I joined a Sun Run clinic last January and haven't stopped. I'm not fast, in fact I can think of a couple of people who speedwalk faster than my usual pace, but I'm working on the distance thing. For my longer runs I go up to the Seymour Demonstration Forest, or around Burnaby Lake. For the shorter runs I go from near Hastings, down around Trout Lake and back, or maybe to Science World and back.
I'm hoping we get a mix of people here, new runners and seasoned veterans. I'd like it if people brought forward ideas for the community...things to add to the interest list maybe. I'm open to anything. The forum is here, let's all use it.

I'll shut up now. :)
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